'We are what we eat!'

Happy Faces Kinder gives high priority to offer adequate food to our students in order to ensure optimal physical, academic and emotional develpment. Happy Faces Kinder offers the children a healthy, tasty, attractive menu. Meals are planned with balance, with the right proportion of the different food groups (vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy and lean meats, fish, eggs) Lunch is offered with a large variety of colours and different textures in order to insure all children receive the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to function in optimal conditions. Our aim is to use the least of processed food as possible and the most organic, healthy food as possible.

Peaceful Atmosphere

We know that not only is it important to concentrate on what we are eating, but also on how we are eating the food. In Happy Faces Kinder the children have plenty of time to enjoy the menu and to relax with their friends at the same time. The children are in constant rotation in order to insure that we have different classes eating in the dining room at different times so that we can insure that we can achieve as much peace as possible and that the children can really enjoy their dining experience.

Horticultural Club

In order to 'complete the circle', Happy Faces Kinder also offers its own horticultural and gardening lessons as part of our program. This acts as a great opportunity to connect students with the process of growing food. Children are actively involved in the sowing, cultivating, caring for and harvesting the crops! We are then able to use the different foods in the preparation of the food for the school, and the children will really be able to taste the 'fruits' of their hard and "heart" work.